Canola Popcorn Popping Oil

Canola oil is considered a healthier oil because it has zero trans fat, healthy levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and the lowest level of saturated fats of all common culinary oils. Canola Oil is widely used in the food industry for baking, frying, sautéing, in salad dressings, etc. The oil also has industrial applications as an ingredient in lubricants, candles, cosmetics, and inks, as well as in the manufacturing of biodiesel fuel.

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Bulk Canola Popcorn Popping Oils (1 oil)

All of our high-quality oils are available in drums, totes or tank wagons.

Name Pack Size Type Suggested Applications Ingredients NGP Verified Organic Kosher
Canola Popcorn Popping Oil Canola Popcorn Popping Oil Canola Popcorn Popping Oil Pack Size 50 lb Pail Type Popping & Topping Oil Suggested Applications Popcorn popping Ingredients Canola oil, vegetable color (turmeric and annato extracts), beta carotene, artificial butter flavor, TBHQ (preservative), dimethylpolysiloxane (inhibits foaming) Non-GMO USDA Organic Kosher USDA Organic Kosher
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