Catania Oils Launched First-of-its-Kind Liquid Butter Alternative with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

AYER, Massachusetts… Catania Oils, leading processors and packers of edible oils including olive, vegetable, blended and specialty oils, today announced the launch of its newest product, Catania Oils Liquid Butter Alternative. Today’s announcement highlights Catania’s pledge to deliver innovation and quality products to all its customers; in this case, restauranteurs who want a more convenient and healthier alternative to butter.

Catania Oils Liquid Butter Alternative is different from its competition as it’s the first Liquid Butter Alternative that uses Olive Oil and Sea Salt for improved taste and consistency.  The product ships in one-gallon jugs/three per package and is used for sautéing, enhancing sauces, frying and baking. It’s also delicious on popcorn!

The addition of olive oil provides additional health benefits to Catania’s new Liquid Butter Alternative and enhances the flavor of the product.

  • Zero grams of Trans Fat per Serving
  • Lower in saturated fat
  • Real butter taste
  • Costs less
  • Olive Oil and Sea Salt enhance health benefits and flavor
  • No refrigeration required – 12-month shelf life reduces waste
  • Less burning or scorching than butter and no need to melt or clarify

“As a longstanding family business that strives for innovation in every generation, we’re proud to bring this first-of-its kind Liquid Butter Alternative to our customers,” noted Stephen Basile, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Catania Oils. “It’s exciting to develop and improve upon a product that has long been a restaurant staple and we know that the taste will tell the story.”

For more information or to place an order, contact Jim Miller at or call 800-343-5522.



Catania Oils is a privately-held fourth generation family business that expanded from its modest roots in the early 1900’s to a multi-million-dollar supplier of quality oils for retail, food service, and bulk customers. The company provides both branded and private label oils. The 250,000 square-foot operation located in Ayer, Massachusetts is one of the largest indoor bulk oil processing facilities in the country and combines the latest automation technology with efficient processes and warehouse space to ensure a good price for the high-quality oils it produces. The company’s tagline, Authenticity in Every Drop, is supported by an in-house laboratory that tests the purity of each shipment. For more information visit