Catania Oils Recieves Halal Certification

Last month, Catania Oils received Halal certification from Islamic Services of America (ISA) and will carry the ISA Halal logo on 61 of its products. The certificate and list of products can be found here.

Products that carry the Halal symbol meet the requirements of Islamic law. They are suitable for consumption in both Muslim-majority countries and Western countries where a significant population group practices Islam.

Catania Oils is a privately-held fourth generation family business. It has expanded from modest roots in 1900 to a multi-million-dollar supplier of quality oils for bulk, food-service and retail customers. The 250,000-square foot operation, located in Ayer, is one of the largest bulk oil processing facilities in the country.

In addition to Halal certification, many of Catania Oils’ products carry Kosher, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Quality Assurance International and AOCS certifications.

“We are proud to add the Halal logo to our growing list of certifications. We are passionate about the quality, purity and freshness of our products,” noted Catania Oils President Joseph Basile. “These designations validate that we are consistently providing ‘authenticity in every drop’ to all of our customers.”