Fry-Boss Fry Oil Info Sheet

Fry-Boss Cottonseed/Canola offers high performance with high stability. Taste your fried foods, not the oil they’re cooked in, and get more use compared to unblended canola oil. Learn more.

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Blended Oils Comparison Sheet

Extra virgin olive oil’s brilliant color and vibrant taste are perfect for salads, finishing, and drizzles. But what about higher heat applications, like baking, sauteeing, and pan frying? Blended oils balance flavor and stability. Compare your options to choose the blended oils that are right for your kitchen.

Food Service

Trans Fat Solutions: Comparing Fry Oils

Choosing the right fry oil is important to your restaurant’s reputation – and your bottom line.

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Cooking Spray Info Sheet

Introducing Catania Oils’ new spray bottle oils for food service! All-Purpose Cooking Spray is a light soy-based oil with a neutral flavor perfect for baking and light sauteeing. Multi-Purpose Cooking Spray is a water-blended oil that is good for lower-heat applications and pre-coating utensils to reduce wastage.